Challenges & Barriers to Purchase 

Challenges and Barriers to Purchase:
Higher priced products in a recession.
Americans, Wisconsin-ites, Milwaukeeians all are holding back their spending due to the current economic crisis.  Is Blush’s main target audience is willing to pay more for skincare, or will they choose cheaper drug store equivalents?  Well, it is our intention to find that key market of women who are willing to pay more…no matter economy.  

Current target market that is not necessarily on social media.
Blush’s current clientele is slowly discovering the possibilities found online.  They are among the fasting growing demographic on Facebook and Twitter.  However, they are on the older end of this demographic and there is no guarantee that they are using these tools.

There are little barriers to entry for brands on social media.
This may seem like a benefit, but in fact this could be a barrier for Blush.  Because social media is the current “thing” so many brands can be found on these media. Most brand messages online are hard sells focusing on their benefit only.

Must give up control on social media to be successful.

Social Media campaigns will only work if the brands let go of everything that is said about them online.  Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer, suggests “Learn about real or perceived problems relating to your product or customer service—and unleash the wisdom of the user.  By looking, listening and lounging, marketers can gain valuable insights concerning online and offline campaigns.”  In social media brands must be actively monitoring, but take a less active role in controlling.

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