Competitive Analysis 

Competitive Trends
•    Going green, all-natural ingredients, no animal testing
•    With respect to social media, sharing tips and creating blogs about latest style trends in industry.
•    Huge potential for profitable business resulting for youth and older women seeking ways to look         younger than ever.
•    Anti-aging industry growing at furious rate, aside from products enriched with antioxidants and          retinoids, minor procedures are gaining acceptance such as microdermabrasions (also a product),      fillers (botox and restylane).
•    Celebrities taking on role of spokes model for beauty products, upseating the ‘supermodels’.  

Spa trends
•     Better, cheaper, faster.  Must provide highest-quality services for their price in most efficient             time frame to be competitive.
•    Niche markets are the way to go.  Must define role within market place by developing clear                 identity which will allow you to own space in customer’s mind.  
•     Medical Spa mania-convergence of spa industry with medical industry
•     Corporate connection-reap significant revenue by attracting corporate clients by providing                 services at corporate events.  Even allow corporate to host meeting on spa grounds.
•     The Branded Spa, or spas that built their business to be known regionally and nationally.  This           ensures growth expansion into mulit-unit organizations, grouping business in key areas.
•    Retail-selling must be integral part of job for employees.  Highlight specific benefits of your retail        offerings (i.e. make home-care protocols a rock-solid part of your service-delivery strategy).
•     Erase stereotypes, there is no typical spa-goer.  Don’t discriminate because customer doesn’t fit        your vision of “model” customer.   

Direct Competitor: Sephora
Mass distributor of makeup, skincare, fragrance, bath and body, hair, and beauty tools.  Founded in France in 1969 and acquired by Paris-based conglomerate LVMH in 1997.  Sephora chain is present in 21 countries with over 750 stores.  They target a fairly upscale market of affluent customers in all age groups.

Direct Competitor: Merle Norman
Headquarted in Lost Angeles, CA.  Develops, manufactures and distributes its own line of skin care and color cosmetic products.  Products are sold through over 2,700 independently owned and operated studios through out US and Canada.  Merle Norman target men and women of upper class.

Direct Competitor: Aveda Salons

Well know salon specializing in hair, skin, makeup, Pure-Fume products and spa services.  Founded in 1978, Aveda seeks to provide beauty industry professionals with high performance, botanically based products that are better for their customers and the environment.  Headquareted in Blaine, MN, Aveda products are available in Aveda stores and nearly 7,000 professional hair salons and spas in 24 countries worldwide.

Direct Competitor: Neroli Salon and Spa

As Milwaukee’s self proclaimed “premier Salon and Spa” Neroli Salon and Spa provides guests with an indulgent sanctuary of services.  As an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa, Neroli takes a wholistic approach to their guests offering hair, nails, skincare, body/massage, acupuncture, yoga, nutritional counseling, and spa packages for men and women.  

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