Final thoughts

Chainsaw thanks Blush for allowing us to create a social media campaign for your boutique.  We very much enjoyed working with you as our client.

We have given Blush tools for connecting with their clients online.  However, these are just suggestions so we encourage you to have an open mind about these tools.  Only take on only the tools that will be implemented 100%, and remember that you must give your online community “something” to get anything in return.  

If you have any questions about these tools or any other social media inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Chainsaw Communications

Future Recommendations

•    Implement Teen Forum – expand the adult forum for teens as well.  Give them their own medium      for communicated with each other and Blush.  This will be a place for Prom and Homecoming              How-to’s and more “funky” make-up products.

•    Personalize Blog – the Wordpress we created is an example to present in the presentation.                Chainsaw encourages you to customize the blog with your own background and pictures.  Add            widgets that are relevant (Flickr, Twitter, Delicious).  And don’t forget to put a link on your                  webpage. 

•    Hire Chainsaw to fully implement, execute and monitor this social media campaign :)