Goal 1. Generate Presence on Social Media
Objective: Utilize at least 4 different social media platforms to ensure Blush is targeting, engaging and interacting with customers. 


·       Mirror in store presence online. 

·       All media channels drive people back to the online hub, Blush’s website.  


·       Tactic 1: Include other business in the Third Ward that Blush supports on website, positioning Blush as a “go to” resource that promotes community businesses.

Rational: Blush does a fabulous job of supporting local Milwaukee businesses in its store.  From dedicating an entire corner to business cards and brochures from neighboring Third Ward businesses to selling local fashion designers latest creations, Blush knows where to go to get exactly what you need in this city.  By creating relationships with these various businesses, Blush gives their customers a better shopping experience when at the Third Ward.  This network should be more apparent on Blush’s website.  By creating a tab on the website where customers can see other stores Blush supports, customers will view Blush not only as a beauty boutique, but the ultimate beauty resource.  To add a personal flair, next to each suggestion a Blush artist could post a personal comment as to why they support that store.  The idea is not to force customers off the website, rather as the door to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with community businesses.  We see Blush as a resource to their customers simply because their fashion sense is trusted. 

·       Tactic 2: Demonstrate seasonal trends, how-to’s, and other in store promotions online utilizing various channels to tell a story.

Rational: Blush must continually provide a constant flow of quality information ensure customers habitual return to the web site.  We suggest having a how-to series during popular “dress-up” times such as prom season, holiday parties, etc.  This will persuade customers to frequently check in with the website, and venture to the store to stock up on the season’s hottest items. 



Purpose: Tell a story

To mirror the relationships Blush maintains in their store and at events, we suggest posing pictures from the Flickr page in a slideshow.   This tells a story about Blush, giving customers a connection with the brand.  We can embed these slideshows into various social media channels as well. 


·       Be sure to embed Slickrockets into a social media channel

·       Sliderockets should always tell a story 

Here is Blush's photorocket slideshow to promote their last event, the National Laura Mercier Spring Make-up Event:


Purpose: Give visual compent to Blush’s online story.

The Flickr Account has two primary purposes.  First, Blush’ Flickr account links back to the website, driving Flickr gazers from all over to the online hub.  The image captions inform viewers about the products featured in the photos and draw attention to the event being captured.  Second the Flickr account will compliment certain aspects of Blush’s website, specifically the events page, giving online visitors a front row seat at what they missed, and even demonstrating product uses or how-tos.  Furthermore, Flickr has it’s own community component.  Blush can join groups and discussions with other beauty lovers to create new connections and resources.       


·       Title and tag every picture as this will help increase search engine optimization  

·       Use the Flickr account strictly for Blush use.  Personal pictures, such as a pic of must have shoes, can be             posted via TwitPic

·       Update the Flickr account with pictures from the latest events

See the website below to connect you to Blush's Flickr account:
Flickr Account

Facebook Fan Page

Purpose: Directing Facebook community to the online Hub

This will be mostly for the younger crowd.  Updates to other social media channels will be mentioned on Facebook.  This channel needs to be updated at least as often as the blog, as this will keep people constantly updated and give them an incentive to return. 


·       Facebook Fan Page should constantly mirror the blog and upcoming events   

·       Remember to upload pictures from Flickr to this account, don't forget to tag!

·       Activly engage in conversations with friends and make friends as necessary

See the website below to connect you to Blush's Facebook Fan Page:
Facebook Account

The Blog via Wordpress.com

Purpose: Provide relevant content, outlet to voice opinions and recommendations

The blog will be an additional resource for customers to stay in tune with the latest Blush happenings.  We suggest posting to the blog 3-times a week where each post would be no more than 300 words in length.  A short blog post is much more inviting than a never-ending one.  Topics can range from green skin care, last minute tips for a big night out, organizing your makeup bag, how-to tips, or events hosted by Blush.  We encourage Blush to tweet about every post and to burn an RSS feed, making it easy for readers to have convenience access to the latest posts.  Also, including a blog stream where appropriate, such as on Blush’s website, Facebook, etc. 


·       Produce content 4x a week, see suggested Blog Schedule, click here 

·       MAX 300 words per post

·       Creating series to entice readers to check back in

·       Include RSS feed

·       Tweet link to latest posts

See the website below to connect you to Blush's mock Blog:
Wordpress Blog


Purpose: Allows Blush girls to keep all their favorite blogs and websites on one page, and share with others.

A Delicious account is simply a social bookmarking tool that makes it easy to keep track of all your favorite links to your favorite sites in one place.  Even better, you can share your Delicious account with others, as well as peek at other's who have similar interests.  Delicious gives Blush an opportunity to share their knowledge with others while learning about new sites at the same time.  Plus, you can stream your Delicious account on your blog or Facebook Fan Page.  

See the website below to connect you to Blush's Delicious Account:
Delicious Account 


Purpose: The tool that connects everything, tuning you into updates of the various social media channels. 

Twitter will play a vital role in this campaign.  There’s no real need to generate Twitter specific content, rather use this tool as a way to alert followers of updates made to other media channels.  For example, every time a new blog post is created, or a new event is added to Blush’s website, a simple tweet will alert the masses.  Plus, Twitter is a great way to connect with and promote local businesses.         


·       Tweet every single update to any social media channel 

·       Be sure to respond with a personal note to new followers

·       No need to spend all day on Twitter, checking in 2-3 times a day for 10 min. shall suffice.  Don't forget to           Re-tweet!  

See the website below to connect you to Blush's Mock Twitter Account and see sample tweets:
Twitter Account