Goal 3. Use social media to grow B2B Relationships

Objective: See an annual increase of charity clientele, as well as raise awareness about Blush’s current involvement with charities among customers.  


·       Support partnering charities through Blush’s Web site

·       Highlight the charities good deeds 


·       Tactic 1: Create “Community Tab” on website

Rational: Blush plays an active role in supporting numerous charities, and has even been recognized for doing so.  With an already established loyal customer basis, with above average household incomes, Blush can look to this foundation in a different light: potential charity supporters.   To expose it’s customers to the various charities it supports, Blush can approach their current “press” page on the web site from a different angle.  Instead of using this spot to highlight the good deeds Blush has done, use this as a platform to introduce customers to the cause you’re supporting.  Blush can include information about how customers can become involved with the cause, and briefly mention how they support the organization.  The press page take the direction of patting charities on their back for bringing awareness to a good cause, not bring awareness to the donation Blush made.  Take this opportunity to engage customers with something beyond Blush. 

·       Tactic 2: Broaden Blush's networking foundation 

Rational:  Blush already has a solid network foundation established with several businesses in the Third Ward.  This foundation can be built upon with the help of social networking sites.  It's crucial to add new business to Blush's network in an effort to expand their name and services.  There's a good potential to become more involved with charity events, and let other business know Blush is willing to make mutually beneficial relationships. 


Embedded Videos 

Purpose: Ensure viewers are using the Blush websites to view videos, not another.  Keep those page views in your realm!

Generating publicity is a great way to extend the reach of the Blush name.  Take advantage of this opportunity to not only reach an extra couple inches, but also to direct people back to Blush's online hub.  Just because someone views, for example, a Fox 6 Wake Up video on Fox's website, does not mean they will be sure to check out Blush's website.  Make sure YOU are the ones doing the directing.  Whenever a video is posted featuring Blush, embed that video onto the Blush blog or website, and then direct people to the Blush site, not the native site. 

It was easy to embed the video below onto this site from the Fox 6 Wake Up news site.  See how nice it is to watch this video with out having to go out and search for it!


Purpose: Allows Blush to leverage their social networks with other business to better promote themselves, building valuable B2B relationships

Sohobiztube.com will help member businesses effectively use strong social web channels and tools like video, audio, podcasts, Twitter, feeds and documents to empower strong business "connecting." These efforts are helped through recommendations and referrals to help grow your business. These online tools will help companies promote the value of their products.

Click the link below to view Blush's account:

Blush's SohoBizTube Account


Purpose: Build and share social media rich press releases for free

Next time Blush hosts an event, introduces a new product line, or just wants to shout out how awesome they are, say it on pitchengine.com.  This website allows you to create multi-media press releases and allows you to host it on their website free for 30 days.  Blush can email this link out to their established media contacts, and also grab a few new ones without putting much effort forth.  That's right, pitchengine.com will feed your release into their stream on Google and PitchFeed.  Effortless PR?  Does it get easier than this?

Click here to post your next press release on pitchengine.com