Overview of Blush

History and Background:

Blush is a beauty and cosmetic boutique offering clients over 25 luxurious product lines all new to Milwaukee.

Blush opened its doors in October of 2004, and has since put Milwaukee on the map in the world of beauty. The boutique offers high-end product lines including Laura Mercier cosmetics, B-Kamins Chemist skincare, and Truefitt and Hill for men.

Blush also provides unique services specific to the face. The boutiques now renowned Brow Bar is a bar like setting where clients sip on a glass of pink champagne and enjoy an individualized brow shape and style.  Our Lash Bar provides the highest quality in lash extensions and strip lashes to complement the perfect eye.

In addition, the Face Couture menu boasts one-of-a kind facial and body treatments, body waxing and their most popular service, the make-up lesson helps you create a look tailored just for you!

Blush's goal is to specialize in each service we provide and be the go-to girls in the world of beauty.  We have created a stress free environment where men and women alike can feel confident knowing that when they leave, they will put their best face forward.

Product Attributes:
•    Offers high-end product lines for men and women
•    Provides unique beauty services such as Brow Bar and Bridal Services

•    Products range from $15-$100.  A usual order is around $60
•    Services range from $15-100 for an individual services.  Service packages range from $100-$300

•    Monthly e-mail blast newsletter includes tips and upcoming events or special of the month
•    Active website
•    Cold calls to book appointments for events
•    Donating services to fundraisers

Blush’s Positioning 
Blush is the first beauty boutique focusing solely on cosmetics in the Milwaukee area. They provide high-quality goods and services provided by a highly trained staff. Further it’s support to local charities illustrates it’s commitment to the Milwaukee community.  

Their mission strives to support the community while creating individualized experience for each client.

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