Executive Summary

Chainsaw Communications has taken Blush from their purely bricks and mortar presence to a whole new social media level.  This campaign will not only ignite the curiosity of current clients, encouraging them to develop an online relationship with Blush, but will spark the interest of potential customers, by giving a personalized online experience.  

Chainsaw has given you a style guide for communicating on each of these media, while presenting examples of most of the tools.  

We have created a campaign that speaks to a very important target, Blush’s brand evangelizers, these are the people who are committed to the brand and as such the ones who will start the online conversation.  These people will be constantly connected to Blush and its message and will engage brand chatter on these media.  

All of the media suggested encourage visitors to end at “The Hub” or Blush’s website.  These create relationships in different environments, but in the end are all simply passports to the hub.  Further, all of these media are cohesive and speak the same Blush ( a beauty boutique ) message.  

Below is a visual representation of our campaign.  As you can see the outer ring focuses on Blush’s business-to-business relationships including encouraging charity involvement. The next ring is where Blush will be fully connected to their brand evangelizers. The following ring focuses specifically on the social media passports.  This allows Blush to target, engage, and interact with brand evangelizers and brand chatters.  Finally, the center is the hub. It is pertinent to ensure all tools utilized lead back to this centralized hub.

We hope you use this Weebly to navigate through this style guide.  If you have any questions please contact us.