Target Market

Target market approach:
Blush’s current advertising campaign includes mass media marketing through print advertisements in widely distributed Milwaukee magazines.  They also cater to their own clientele by offering them a service relationship unsurpassed by any competitors.  Blush segments their marketing through charity and other events, because these people are interested in makeup, but not necessarily clientele yet.

Demographics & Psychographics:

•    Women, ages 25-45.
•    Average household income per family $50k-$100k/year.
•    Married, 1-3 children.
•    Husband works 9-5, 5 days a week. 
•    Four-year college degrees
•    Extra disposable income to spend leisurely.

Consumer Profile:
This is Betty Taylor.  She is a married mother of three who lives in Shorewood.  Her husband Robert is a lawyer downtown who works long hours during the week, and sometimes weekends.  But overall they are very family-oriented.  Their children Robbie (18), Madeline (15), and Joey (13) all attend school in the Shorewood school district and are all very musical.  Madeline is a freshman in high school, and is just beginning to wear makeup.  Betty considers herself a liberal, and voted for Barack Obama in the last presidential election.   She does not hold a full or part-time job, but is very involved with Yoga classes and her local book club.  During the day she enjoys watching shows like Oprah, Live with Regis and Kelly, and The View.  Further, she always turns to WISN-12 (ABC) when she is looking for local news coverage.  Betty is a savvy consumer; she understands she has money but does not spend frivolously.  She is creative, and enjoys interior design.  One of her favorite magazines is Better Homes & Gardens.  Betty keeps busy during the week by volunteering with her kids’ schools and watching neighborhood children.  The Taylors have a Jack Russell Terrier name Speedo who is treated like a King.  Betty enjoys shopping at stores like Metropawlis for gourmet treats and toys.  Betty is online.  She uses it mostly for purchasing items and reading articles about design.  But she really wants to be more involved in online communities and social media, but does not really know where to start.

Product Usage:
The target market purchases products and services, or receives advice from Blush’s highly trained staff.  Blush is located among many popular shops in Downtown Milwaukee’s Third-Ward Shopping District make it a popular shopping destination during weekends.  During the week, stay-at-home moms are the most likely to stop in.  For the working-women, most appointments are made after 5pm or during the weekends.