Goal 2. Ignite Brand Evangelizers Online 
Objective 1: Observe an increase in online chatter and conversations revolving around Blush.  

Objective 2: See a 10% increase of sales by current clientele foundation within the first 6 months of this social media campaign. 


·       Create presence on social media to connect with clients in a different way,    giving them outlets to express their loyalty to Blush.


·       Tactic 1: Create community where consumers can have interactions with each other, a forum if you will.

 Rational: Imagine an online community where current Blush clients could interact with one another.  Chainsaw envisions an online forum where clients can share beauty tips with another, comment on tips, request tips, and respond to these requests.  Tips can be shared with a greater following through a Twitter account, ‘twips’ if you will.   This will also be a way for customers to ask questions about products when most appropriate.  Blush will be constantly monitoring the forum, and can offer their own answers as well.  Creating this forum is a way to integrate products and services into the conversation.  Clients will still continue to visit the store for consultations and to purchase products.  The forum simply connects loyal clients with each other, giving them a chance to feel more connected to the brand—maybe feel a sense of ownership—drawing brand evangelizers to the forefront.

Tactic 2: Personalized online experience 

Rational: This is probably the most complicated tactic, but defiantly the most targeted effort to drive sales.  The idea revolves around providing customized options for customers online.  One idea is to recommend specific Blush products to satisfy general beauty problems online visitors are experiencing.    Ideally, customers would fill out a 4 question survey online aiming to expose the root of their beauty problem.  Since Blush carries specific product lines, it will be easy to recommend products that will address the customer’s need, and offer a discount coupon for that product that can be printed off and redeemed in the store.  This customized approach will give customers the extra incentive to stop into Blush and purchase products.  Once inside the store, Blush artists can suggest other products that will offer a complete solution to the customer’s need.  Another idea is to dedicate a section of this forum to teens.  Doing so would allow this targeted market to have a stake in the Blush brand and connect with each other.  Allowing teens into the Blush community at a young age is an opportunity to introduce numerous budding loyal brand evangelizers.  


Blush Community Forum

Purpose: Foundation for online conversation and interactions 

For a forum to occur Blush will have to work with their webmaster since this forum will be based out of Blush's current website.  This forum will give Blush customers the opportunity to connect and interact with each other, sharing their favorite Blush products, innovate uses for these products, and much more.  All in all this is a way to enforce loyalty of Blush's products and boot sales through peer to peer referrals.  

We suggest taking a look at the following forum to see how this tool can be implemented.
Scott Common Sense Community

RSS Feed

Purpose: Deliver forum content (such as tips) directly to subscribers

Generating an RSS feed delivers a constant stream of updates directly to subscribers, making it easy for them to stay current on the latest Blush updates.  You can incorporate other channels into this feed as well such as blog posts or Flickr uploads.

To view a video explaining how RSS Feeds work click the link below.  Be sure to check out other "Plain English" videos about social media. 
RSS In Plain English


Purpose:  Publicize your next event and invite people, find groups or start a meet up group

Meetup.com the world's largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 2,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.

Click here to watch how meetup.com works 
Click here to create Blush's spot on meetup.com