Measurement & Analytics

To make sure that Blush’s time and money is being well spent on social media Chainsaw Communications encourages them to evaluate their presences at the end of every two months.

Most of these social media offer analytical tools, and keep an archive of page views, click throughs, comments, and so on.  

Here is an outline of the tools and their measurements:
Facebook – number of fans, wall-posts, number of people who participate in polls, etc.
Twitter – number of followers, ReTweets, Twitter mentions, etc. – number of views of videos, number of views of podcasts, comments, and connections – number of views, number of comments, number of embedded videos, and so on.
Flickr – number of views of each album

Overall, Chainsaw suggests measuring the number of unique page views the blog gets every week or month as compared to the number of comments viewers leave in that same amount of time.  Qualitatively, observe the quality of the comments your viewers post; are they long conversations or short and sweet?  See if they are continuing the conversation elsewhere, or re-posting something similar on their blogs.

The forum will take a little longer to be completely activated in the clients lifestyle, but take note of the number of requested tips, posts, members who sign up to join the conversation.  Do the members really take part in the contests, conversations, and polls?  If you have nonparticipating members, e-mail them encouraging their shared ideas.

Social media is not only about participating, but it is also about listening to what your clients and potential clients are saying about you.  Blush should set up Google Alerts a tool that will e-mail the links to any mention of keywords (for example, Blush+Milwaukee) online.  This will give you insight into your targets thoughts and purchasing habits.  Also, develop a Twitter search to account for any mentions.

Finally, keep tabs of the number of clients who come in with discounts from the social media sites. Or clients that mention they saw Blush online.  We encourage Blush to converse with clients on what they liked, and what they want to see more.  Really engage your clients on and offline.