Needs & Benefits of the Target Marktet

The needs of the market include:

•    Organic, all-natural product
•    Wants to treat the mind, body, and spirit rather than only their body.
•    Family-oriented shopping experience
•    Fast and convenient one-stop-shopping
•    Personalized services
•    High quality, but affordable products and services
•    Return on investment
•    Relationship is a large factor in buying decisions

The benefits of Blush are clear, and nearly all reflect the needs of the target market.   Most of the product lines at Blush are all-natural or organic products.  They offer many holistic and relaxing spa services, but tend to focus more on the body than other full-service spas might.  Blush is not necessarily a family friendly shop but they have younger, funkier lines available that might appeal to their clients’ daughters.  Blush does not only sell make-up, they offer lines of hair care, skin care, fragrances, clothes, make-up and handbags, and tons of services too.  Additionally, their location in the Third Ward makes it easy for shoppers to stop in multiple different stores to get everything they need in one trip.  

Blush’s clientele seek personal advice regarding beauty and fashion.  And through individualized consultations the highly trained staff is able to answer any questions clients might have, while recommending the perfect product.  The consultants take the time to get to know each client and their needs creating a one-on-one relationship.  Further the consultants call each client to follow-up on their new products, and hand write Thank You notes after events.  

It is undeniable that Blush carries very high end, high quality products.  However, they might not be considered affordable to the majority of consumers.  Once clients try the products, though, they will see their money was well spent because of the high quality nature of the products little are disappointed.

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